As well as supplying Enamelling products to individuals all across the world we have been supplying Jewellery and Vitreous Enamel to trade customers for over half a century. We service the Jewellery manufacturing, Watch Making and Enamel Badge production industries. For trade information get in touch using the contact form below or the Trade Enquiries button .

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    We first started to manufacture jewellery enamels towards the end of the 1950’s. The enamels were made to traditional formulae using significant amounts of lead oxide in both transparent and opaque enamels and in addition certain transparent enamels and all opaque enamels included arsenic as part of their formulations.

    At this time the majority of our customers were commercial users, primarily producing enamel badges. Towards the mid 1960’s enamelling started to gain popularity amongst private individuals and in school Craft Departments. At this time advances in medical knowledge resulted in concerns being raised about human exposure to toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. It therefore seemed advisable to attempt to develop a new type of enamel.

    We began manufacturing lead and arsenic free enamels in the early 1970’s and soon after ceased manufacture of enamels to traditional formulae. Our present range of enamels helps protect you, our employees and the environment from additional sources of toxic materials.

    John Ball