Here at W.G Ball Limited we manufacture a vast range of Ceramic Glaze/Body stains and Underglaze colours. We also manufacture a large range of ready to use glazes supplied in either powder or liquid form.

We have been manufacturing high quality ceramic products for over 60 years, offering both an extensive general range as well as a colour matching service for bespoke projects.

Ceramics – Underglaze Colours

B130 – Daffodil Yellow (Fire up to 1280c) B149 – Emerald Green (Fire up to 1080c)
B131 – Corn Yellow (Fire up to 1280c) B150 – Turquoise Blue (Fire up to 1280c)
B132 – Apple Green (Fire up to 1280c) B151 – Light Blue (Fire up to 1280c)
B133 – Spruce Green (Fire up to 1080c) B152 – Mazarine Blue (Fire up to 1280c)
B134 – Juniper Green (Fire up to 1280c) B153 – Purple (Fire up to 1080c)
B135 – Celestial Blue (Fire up to 1280c) B154 – Crimson (Fire up to 1080c)
B136 – Delphinium Blue (Fire up to 1280c) B155 – Salmon (Fire up to 1280c)
B137 – Delft Blue (Fire up to 1280c) B156 – Amber (Fire up to 1280c)
B138 – Midnight Blue (Fire up to 1280c) B157 – Yellow (Fire up to 1280c)
B140 – Wild Violet (Fire up to 1080c) B158 – Tan Brown (Fire up to 1080c)
B141 – Rosy Pink (Fire up to 1080c) B159 – Brick Red (Fire up to 1080c)
B142 – Raspberry Red (Fire up to 1080c) B160 – Sepia (Fire up to 1080c)
B143 – Terracotta (Fire up to 1280c) B161 – Grey (Fire up to 1280c)
B144 – Buffalo Brown (Fire up to 1280c) B162 – Black (Fire up to 1280c)
B145 – Jet Black (Fire up to 1280c) B163 – Polar White (Fire up to 1280c)
B147 – Lime Green (Fire up to 1280c) B185 – Coral (Fire up to 1280c)
B148 – Chrome Green (Fire up to 1280c) B187 – Rosso Red (Fire up to 1280c)
3032 – Red (Fire up to 1280c)

Ceramics – Body/Slip Stains

3300 – Sun Yellow (Fire up to 1280c)
3301 – Tan Pink (Fire up to 1280c)
3302 – Sepia (Fire up to 1280c)
3303 – Azure Blue (Fire up to 1280c)
3304 – Cornflower Blue (Fire up to 1280c)
3305 – Forest Green (Fire up to 1280c)
3306 – Black (Fire up to 1280c)
3307 – Pitch Black (Fire up to 1280c)

Ceramics – Glaze Stains

B100 – Sun Yellow (Fire up to 1280c) B117 – Cornflower (Fire up to 1280c)
B101 – Maize Yellow (Fire up to 1280c) B118 – Mazarine Blue (Fire up to 1280c)
B102 – Emerald Green (Fire up to 1280c) B119 – Purple (Fire up to 1080c)
B103 – Forest Green (Fire up to 1080c) B120 – Crimson (Fire up to 1080c)
B104 – Marine Green (Fire up to 1080c) B121 – Tan Pink (Fire up to 1280c)
B105 – Azure Blue (Fire up to 1280c) B122 – Orange (Fire up to 1280c)
B106 – Cobalt Blue (Fire up to 1280c) B123 – Yellow (Fire up to 1280c)
B107 – Lavender Blue (Fire up to 1080c) B124 – Honey (Fire up to 1280c)
B108 – Chrome Tin Pink (Fire up to 1080c) B125 – Autumn Brown (Fire up to 1280c)
B109 – Caramel Brown (Fire up to 1280c) B126 – Tan Brown (Fire up to 1280c)
B110 – Nut Brown (Fire up to 1280c) B127 – Sepia (Fire up to 1280c)
B111 – Pitch Black (Fire up to 1280c) B128 – Grey (Fire up to 1280c)
B112 – Lime Green (Fire up to 1280c) B129 – Black (Fire up to 1080c)
B113 – Victoria Green (Fire up to 1080c) B146 – White (Fire up to 1280c)
B114 – Persian Green (Fire up to 1080c) B188 – Coral (Fire up to 1280c)
B115 – Turquoise Green (Fire up to 1280c) GS2146 – Red (Fire up to 1280c)
B116 – Turquoise Blue (Fire up to 1280c) GS2147 – Rose Pink (Fire up to 1080c)
6409 – Black (Chrome free) (Fire up to 1080c)

Ceramics – Stoneware and Earthenware Glazes

Stoneware Glazes (1220-1280c)
G.3017 – Blue/Green Celadon G.4079 – Green Magnetite
G.3018 – Green/Brown Matt G.4080 – Azurite
G.3076 – Celadon Grey G.4082 – Bristol Stone
G.3078 – Blue/Green Semi Matt G.4083 – Light Oatmeal
G.3605 – Tin Opaque G.4084 – Oatmeal
G.4014 – Transparent G.4086 – Glossy Brown
G.4015 – Transparent G.4087 – Blue/Grey
G.4016 – White G.4096 – Old Seto
G.4051 – Brown/Red G.4099 – Topaz
G.4053 – Nordic Blue G.4110 – Light Brown Matt
G.4067 – Tenmoku G.4120 – Turquoise Matt
G.4072 – Toffee G.4122 – Black Matt
G.4073 – Blue G.4124 – White Satin
G.4074 – Green/Brown G.4376 – Red
G.4075 – White Speckle G.4378 – Tundra
G.4077 – Tamba Brown G.4400 – Yellow
G.7688 – White
Earthenware Glazes (1020-1100c)
G.1803 – Leadless Transparent G.8113 – Royal Blue (Transparent)
G.1758 – Leadless Zircon Opaque G.8114 – Sky Blue (Transparent)
G.3445 – Leadless Tin Opaque G.8115 – Grey (Transparent)
G.3293 – Leadless Transparent G.8116 – Crimson (Transparent)
G.3728 – Leadless Transparent G.8117 – Chestnut Brown (Transparent)
G.3330 – Leadless Transparent (1120-1180c) G.8118 – Purple (Transparent)
G.3294 – Low Sol Transparent G.8130 – Pink (Opaque)
G.1899 – Low Sol Transparent G.8131 – Purple (Opaque)
G.6710 – Matt White G.8132 – Brown (Opaque)
G.6883 – Matt White G.8133 – Blue (Opaque)
G.7968 – Leadless Transparent G.8134 – Light Blue (Opaque)
G.8110 – Yellow (Transparent) G.8135 – Pastel Green (Opaque)
G.8111 – Apple Green (Transparent) G.8136 – Dark Green (Opaque)
G.8112 – Chrome Green (Transparent) G.8137 – Light Grey (Opaque)
G.8138 – Black (Opaque)

Ceramics – On Glaze Colours

7258 – Lemon Yellow (Fire 770c-820c)
7259 – Royal Blue (Fire 770c-820c)
7260 – Sky Blue (Fire 770c-820c)
7261 – Racing Green (Fire 770c-820c)
7262 – Bright Apple (Fire 770c-820c)
7263 – Sepia (Fire 770c-820c)
7264 – Light Grey (Fire 770c-820c)
7265 – Black (Fire 770c-820c)

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